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Secret Library

Posted: 03 Nov 2014, 20:21
by Rudolf
Die "Secret Library" ( wurde um die Karten der PDF-Edition "The Unaligned" ergänzt und ist somit wieder vollständig.

Datenbank "Secret Library" wird nicht weitergeführt

Posted: 29 Oct 2018, 17:12
by Rudolf
Wichtige Nachricht, die am 8.10.2018 auf Facebook gepostet wurde:

»I have some sad news.

You might have noticed that Secret Library has not been updated recently. As I have less time for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle in general, I also have less time to contribute towards the Secret Library. The code base is so old that it would require a complete overhaul to bring upto modern standards, and that's something I don't have time for anymore.

I have made a decision to let go of the project.

The domain will be for sale, VTES related offers will have an advantage. The site will stay alive at least until February.

You can make a request for your data through this page or by directly contacting the admin Jussi Hattara. Data, including decks and inventories, will be delivered in human readable CSV format to the email address specified in the user account.

This same information will be published on the site later this week.

/ Jussi«

Re: Secret Library

Posted: 08 Dec 2019, 00:39
by Rudolf
Info von Ke Carlton auf
Here's a link to a zip file containing all the downloaded decks: ...

Feel free to do whatever you like with it :)